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New Additions to My Sleaze Collection

Among the many types of paperbacks I collect are US American sleaze publications... not exactly the most common things to find in Germany. I seldom read them, for they are hardly the most well written books, and the plots and action are generally redundant. Much like the average Ludlum or Grisham novel, once you’ve read one, you’ve read them all.

When it comes to "erotica", my collection concentrates in two directions: "Non-fiction" studies by "real doctor(s)" dealing with sex topics and mostly pre-1970s fiction. In the case of the fiction, I generally choose my purchase on the basis of (in no particular order) the publishing firm, year, price and cover art. Indeed, what is in the book is of less importance to me than what is on the books: the cover art. I have a collection of some 200+ books which, while of possible value in the country they originally came from, are basically worthless over here. (I’ve seen some of them offered in the US on the Net at prices that make me think that people back home simply have too much money. I cringe at paying €1.99 for a book; the concept of paying $60 to $250 for badly written and dated porn is beyond conceivability to me. (See here.) But then, so is $60 million for a Van Gogh.) Perhaps one of the best commercial Internet suppliers of old sleaze is Vintage Their prices seem to be on the lower side of the Net, and their selection is fabulous. They also offer a fairly decent amount of obscure info on the obscure names involved in the production of Vintage "erotica". is also a lot of fun to waste time at.

In any event, my latest grab-bag of titles just arrived. The content descriptions were either supplied by the gentleman who sold me the publications or taken from the back cover. Anyone out there ever read any of the books below? Care to supply an intellectually stimulating discourse for inclusion in my Blog? In fact, any information on the various publications would be greatly appreciated. In particular anything about the cover artists or art...

A Case of Lust by Jim Montgomery
1970, Beeline (Orpheus Original), 148 pages
A horny reporter’s investigations into the underworld of weird sex lead him into a merry-go-round of orgasmic delight. (Good condition, margins tanned.)
First sentence (s): Amazing. The hold that Ursula had over me was nothing less than amazing.

Last Sentence: Sundays, of course, like church, is saved for my wife. And the weekly strangling of that damned Siamese cat!

A House of Single Swingers by Gene North
(Formerly published as More Swapping in Building A)

1971, Brandon House, 192 pages
Swinger, come home! Stewardess Joyce Carlton had only been away from the swinging singles apartment house she lives in for a long weekend, but she couldn’t wait to get back. She was looking forward to all those great, mouth-watering males she knows and the fabulous thrills they’d provide... But what Joyce wanted more than anything was to break down the defenses of Kevin, the most incredibly attractive man she'd ever met, and the only one who'd ever ignored her. With infinite care, she prepared her bait – never suspecting the snare that was waiting for her... (Good condition, margins tanned.)
First sentence: Tim Haddock nosed his convertible into the stall.
Last Sentence: As their pubic hairs met she gasped out, "Oh, we did it! I'm not out of commission after all!"

Bend Over by Peter Blue
1969, Beeline (Orpheus Series), 185 pages.
"The hilarious erotic adventures of a bizarre group of lust-loving women!" (Ok condition, margins tanned.)
First sentence: Clitora Vamp's eyes were slitted.

Last Sentence: She closed her visor and took her place next to Zitzenpuller who looked out of this world in his space suit.

Black Stud for Hire by "Eddie B.", edited by D.D. Deidre
(A Barclay House Original Nonfiction; originally published as Diary of a Young Black Satyr)
1969, Barclay House, 188 pages
"Everybody's sweet daddy..."
The story of Eddie B., a young black growing up in Texas and living in L. A. now. His extremely strong sexuality is awakened very early by his sister and Lila, an oversexed neighbor. White women are attracted to him because of his virility, although he may abuse them brutally. (OK condition, margins tanned)
First sentence: Ever since the Big Burn of 1965 we've had all kinds of improvements here in Watts.
Last Sentence: What do you say, nurse?

Bummer Girl by Michael Perry
1974, Greenleaf Classics, 205 pages

Jody Hendrix is hitchhiking home and the man who picks her up makes her give him a blowjob. Soon afterwards Jody’s roommate arranges a date with a friend and Jody loses her virginity to him. When Jody visits her brother she finds Paul, an attractive beach bum, at his address and he seduces her. At her next visit they get high on pot and Jody takes on both Paul and her brother. Later her brother’s girlfriend joins in. (Good condition, margins tanned.)
First sentence: Jody Hendrix stood out on the hot sidewalk thumbing a ride.
Last Sentence: "All right," she said finally. "I hope the two of you will be happy together. Really, I do..."

Diana's Guest by Peter Valentine
1969, Taurus Books, 223 pages.
(By the author of Bridgewater, The Union, etc.; cover photo by Alice Lanke, introduction by Richard Jarrett)

"Unnatural acts with trained sex-dogs in an isolated country house..."
"Party" dogs! Men and women turn to their dogs for excitement for many reasons. Simple pleasure may be one of them, but equally important may be reasons created by chains of circumstance – unpopularity, bitter love affairs, discomfort around the opposite sex, lack of available companionship, unattractive face or figure, or perhaps plain old-fashioned boredom. Of course, the cause could be a simple one, too – nymphomania, preoccupation with sex, or... just for the fun of it! The strangest love of all! (Good condition, margins a little tanned.)
First sentence: Every evening, after work, I sit at the same table in the same restaurant, with a cup of espresso.

Last Sentence: "You see," I said, "Marx said that while Mill wasn't exactly a mountain, he was definitely standing on a very flat plain."

Eating Stuff by Del Britt
1970, Pendulum Books, 159 pages, Illustrated
The story is about Leslie Ludgren, from the first erotic experiences at home on.
With her friend Mona she goes on a tour of the USA, they are both passionate and have lots of lovers on the way. The journey ends in San Francisco with a group of hippies. (Good condition, but paper tanned.)
First sentence: In the last two years, I, Leslie Ludgren, have lived a life of complete uninterrupted freedom.
Last Sentence: I will always be rebellious, for I am truly a free-loving hippy to the bottom of my soul!

Essex Playhouse (interleaf title: Theatre of the Abused) by Lance Boyle
1968, First Printing, 157 pages. A Triumph Book

"A funny, funny spoof about the odd sex lives of the craziest bunch of characters imaginable!" Allan Francis – Spitfire Book Club (OK condition, paper a little tanned.)
First sentence: Eve Morehouse steadied herself with one hand placed high on the thigh of Kaye Howe as the lesbian lit her cigarette.
Last Sentence: "Never in a million years.

Ever Ready Nurse by Tricia Lerro 1970, Beeline, 146 pages.
Betty was a marvelous nurse and what was even better for the doctors she worked with - she was a hot chick with no inhibitions, especially when it came to working overtime! As long as the doctors in charge were handsome, endowed and willing, Betty never questioned any orders they gave her ... she was eager to learn everything they could teach her ... professionally and otherwise. Betty's bed action brought her to the attention of every doctor on the staff of every hospital she worked in ... and that was groovy with Betty ... (Cover a bit worn, paper tanned.)
First sentence: Betty Hilton clutched at her tiny white nurses cap as she unlocked the frosted glass door that bore the neat lettered name: DOCTOR DANE RAYMOND ... PSYCHIATRIST.
Last Sentence:
This babe could even make a cold shower sizzle.

Flesh and Blood by Cecil Watson (on the cover) and/or Colin Barton (on the tear sheet)
1970, Svea Books, 160 pages

One of the Svea Books that offer a mix of sex and crime. In this novel the private investigator Martin Stone has to do with an insurance scam. The criminals are ruthless killers who are also fond of brutalizing women. (Very good condition, margins somewhat tanned.)
First sentence: He watched through pain-filled eyes, felt the cold metal of the gun-butt seconds before it hit the side of his face.
Last Sentence: It would take quite a few whisky bottles before Stone could stop avoiding his own eyes in the mirror...

The Gift of Tongues by Tanya Curzon
1972, Traveler’s Companion, 187 pages

Vicki had planned things so that she had an endless supply of what she loves best – sex. For most people that would be enough but Vicki was a perfectionist. She wanted only the best, the biggest, and that started her on a quest that led her from bed to bed, from orgy to orgy, in a Mr. America contest of a totally new type. The prize for the lucky winner? Vicky herself, of course. (Good condition, margins slightly tanned.)
First sentence: Vicki Bonner picked up the latest copy of her favorite Swinging Club publication from the end table and flopped back on the sofa.
Last Sentence: "Well," smiled Vicki, "you won fair and square. Your apartment or mine?"

Go, Sam Sunday by Mullin Garr
1970, Ophelia Press, 183 pages

Detective Sam Sunday – and women! And hippies! And more women!
Sam is a private investigator, very popular with women. In the course of his new assignment he meets a score of beautiful ladies, sometimes he finds himself in bed with more than one. His staying power is overwhelming. (Good condition.)

First sentence: "Hey baby," Sam said gently, "it's time you were getting back to work. Your recreation break is almost over."
Last Sentence:
Go, Sam Sunday! Go, Sam Sunday!

Homo in the Guesthouse by Jack Michaels
1968, Brandon House, 174 pages
"There's nothing wrong in allowing a man to spend a week in your guesthouse. Unless, of course, he's your husband's former lover...." Nick Lord hadn't thought of another man for almost twenty years. He was married. He had a daughter. The drinking problem was licked.... Then, suddenly, Jase Dessilier was living in the Lord's guesthouse. And, although Jase was a prick to his conscience, Nick was forced to remember his past... then Jase blackmailed him into reliving it as well!
Dedicated to JOHN BASTONE and TED KULP who showed me how. (Good condition, margins a little tanned.)
First sentence: he dark-haired woman answered the door with her housecoat clutched around her.

Last Sentence: So did I, his mind echoes the woman. So did I. So did I.

It's How You Make It Long by George M. Stephanos
1969, Continental Classics, 160 pages (Introduction by "A.L. Saunders, M.A., New York City")
Kim is an erotic dancer. Together with her lesbian partner Vera she has a show in night club. They are quite a happy couple until Kim is attracted to a man. (Good condition, paper tanned.)
First sentence: Completely nude, Kim Saunder's naked blonde loveliness shone back at her from her dressing room mirrored backstage in "Arturo’s Disco Den".

Last Sentence: Kim smiled with a little bump, grind and churn of her 100% pussy...

The Knave of Knouts by Sebastian de la Croix
1971, Supreme Library (Paramount Publishers), 190 pages
Cy is the superintendent of an apartment complex and so has access to all apartments. He is an obsessive voyeur and masturbator. He loves to watch the inhabitants of the building in their erotic activities, the widow with the love for teenage boys, two lesbians and so on. Finally the watcher becomes an active participant. In parts quite brutal. (Good condition.)
First sentence: Cy was watching the huge Frenchman fuck the little blond teenage girl
Last Sentence:
"I don't get beaten anymore. I fuck instead."

Mailman's Zipper-Code by Horace Lukton
1972, PAD Adult Library ("Take a pal to bed"), 188 pages
Felix is married to Zelda, but their sex has turned a bit boring. He gets compensation enough on his mailman route. There are a few women who can hardly wait for his arrival. Some encounters are passionate, others more hilarious, and others pretty kinky. (Good condition, margins slightly tanned.)

First sentence: Felix was a substitute postman.
Last Sentence(s):
Felix was sitting staring at his picture in the newspaper when the doorbell rang. When Zelda opened it he heard the mailman say, "I have a special delivery for you, Zelda."

The Misfits by Juliette Stewart
19??, Eiffel Classics, 157 pages
The novel is set in Germany in the 1960s, at the time of the students’ revolt against the bourgeois establishment. Dieter is the leader of a student group that fights for complete sexual freedom and lives accordingly. Helga is a student with very strict parents. When she listens to one of Dieter’s speeches she falls for him. In an extended love scene Dieter seduces her thoroughly. Although she is gang-raped at one of the group’s meetings she stays with Dieter. (OK Condition, paper tanned.)
First sentence: Dieter Kellerman suffered from "angst."
Last Sentence:
After all, even a little girl born and grown in Rothenburg is entitled to her love story!

The Mouth Man by Nord Southgate
1969, Cameo Library, 192 pages
The confessions of a compulsive cunnilinguist! He muffed every chance and the girls loved it. (Ok condition, margins tanned.)

First sentence: I backed my car down the gravel drive and into the quiet, suburban street.
Last Sentence:
And I also knew that we would find some middle ground of sexual happiness eventually, that my psychotic drive would become less needed because there was, at last, with Nicki, the supreme communication, love.

The Oversexed American by Wayne Gibson (as told to Dalton Edwards, Ph.D.)
1970, Beeline (Orpheus Original), 188 pages

"The incredible true-life erotic exploits of an international sexual athlete!"
FRANK HARRIS WAS A PIKER! Yes, compared with Wayne Gibson, Frank Harris was a piker – a boy scout! For twenty-five years, Gibson has prowled the earth like a vulture, seeking out the most bizarre and depraved sexual adventures he can find. These strange and erotic adventures have been many. This is his story, as he told it to his therapist. (Good condition, margins a little tanned.)
First sentence: I have resided and worked abroad ever since world war two, with only intermittent and brief visits back to the U.S.
Last Sentence:
While Gibson's case is certainly unique in the excessive and extreme degree of his search for sex and enjoyment of so many variations of the sexual instinct, the same motivations are involved in the overall syndrome of the "sexpatriate American" all over the world.

Passion's Slave by Harold Dickinson
1971, A Mask Reader, 191 pages (Introduction by "Robert Meyers, M.A., New York City")

In her wedding night Barbara is brutally raped by her husband Bill. Deeply shocked she runs away and gets on a bus to New York City. She meets Arlene, who offers to help her. She puts Barbara up in a seedy hotel. The desk clerk gives her an aphrodisiac and in her sleep he has torrid sex with her. Arlene is a member of a call girl ring that provides white women for South American brothels. She pays the desk clerk to arrange a performance with him and a huge black who rape Barbara in front of spectators who pay for the obscene spectacle. Barbara is drugged and seems to enjoy her degradation. – Highly erotic. (Good condition, handwritten price on cover, margins tanned.)
First sentence: Bill Sterling seated himself in the bus seat hoping no one would sit beside him.
Last Sentence:
"Yes, it's very odd," said the younger man also dressed in a dark overcoat and hat, "we were only going to offer our services in helping her with her suitcases!"

Resort Boy by Rock Whittaker
1967, Jewel Books, 192 pages
"Pleasure boy on the loose. Starved Divorcees! Thrill-crazy Wives!"
Chick is an attractive teenager and
he conquers quite a number of girls and women. – Not as explicit as novels appearing a few years later. (Good condition, margins tanned.)
First sentence:
It was a good job, Chick decided.
Last Sentence:
And then there was nothing.

Satan's Disciple by Joseph Reynolds
1968, Beeline (Orpheus Series), 155 pages
Todd and Juliette are on their way to Las Vegas when they have a car accident. They wake up and find themselves in a completely different world. They meet other people, strange transformations happen to them, they are generally quite happy, because they can fulfill their erotic desires.
First sentence: The sky was a mammoth white heat lamp blazing down on the highway and baking the seats of the red Corvette to blistering temperatures.
Last Sentence: Juliette's hand had crept across his thigh and her fingers were expertly pulling down the zipper in his trousers.

Sex a la Carte by Robert Davis
1970, Beeline (Orpheus Original), 146 pages

"In public, they were actors in a nude stage play. In private, they took up where the playwright left off!" The novel is about actors in a Broadway show, their personal conflicts and erotic affairs. (Note: Obviously a take-off of the Off Broadway play "Oh, Calcutta!" by Kenneth Tynan, which when revived on Broadway in 1976 at one point was the longest running play on Broadway.) (Good condition, margins a little tanned.)
First sentence: Tim Moss was walking through the narrow dimly lit hallway toward the dressing rooms when the stage doorman stopped him.
Last Sentence(s):
"You're the best lay I've had in my life," Bobby agreed. "Then what are we waiting for?" Bobby agreed.

She'll Love You to Death by Colin Barton
1979, Svea Books, 158 pages

She grabbed his cock and levered it swiftly into her mouth, opening her lips as wide as possible so that the red monster could slide in with one exquisite thrust. Audrey's lips chewed insatiably on the fat meat, making slurping noises and forcing more and more of the man's shaft into her mouth with each downward motion of her head...
The novel is set in Great Britain. Michael Arlington meets Audrey, a beautiful girl who seems to be threatened by gangsters. Michael falls in love with her, but soon he finds out that she has become a deadly danger for him. (Good condition, margins tanned.)
First sentence: "I still can't believe it," Pearson exclaimed. "What did you use on them – black magic?"
Last Sentence:
"You'll soon be all right," she told him gently. "It's all over now..."

Summer Sex by Nigel Fox
1969, First Printing, Venice Books, 186 pages
Summer sex. A well-planned lesson. Norman couldn't stop teaching sex – and Suzanne couldn't stop learning. It all started in the dressing room on the beach. But it didn't stop there. Claudette and Pauline had something going on too. The only problem was that Claudette like Suzanne. And Julie had strong feelings for Norman. Of course, Pauline's husband was also part of the picture. Mix all these passions in the same room and anything can happen – and did! (Paper rather tanned.)
First sentence: Suzanne DeGeorge sat on a huge rock overlooking the ocean.
Last Sentence(s):
"There's a hell of a racket. We run a quiet place around here. We run a quiet place," he said as the three men started upstairs toward the open door and the naked girl standing in the hall.

The Sex Singer by Edward Malcolm
1977, Eagle Press (Publisher’s Consultants)), 191 pages
Show business has always been notorious for its loose morals and the sexual pressures performers work under. It should surprise no one that such things are generally true. The women who want to succeed in the entertainment field are usually attractive and s, desirable, and thus natural targets for the men who infest the box office end of the business - because they are usually aggressive and confident that they hold the whole business by the balls. In order for Susan and her two sisters to succeed she is forced to force to give in to the obscene advances of their manager. (Good condition, margins tanned.)
First sentence: "I've got a new one for you," Max Broskov was telling Susan Merton. "I want this group on the West side. Can you get to the band leader and convince him to sign with me?"
Last Sentence:
There was always Nashville.

The Sex Tutor by Luci Lovewood
(formerly published as Lesbo Bride)
1974, Beeline (Carlyle Communications), 156 page
Weekend affair: While Janet’s husband is out playing golf – and bedding most of the female pupils – she learned a few shocking lessons in sex education at home from her very best girl friend. (OK condition, cover a bit creased, margins slightly tanned.)
First sentence: Janet snuggled up closer to her husband and wrapped her fingers around his limpness.
Last Sentence:
They'd have their cake... and eat it, too!

The Teaser by Greg Blake
1971, Torch Reader, 151 pages (Introduction by "Oliver Frankel, M.A., New York City")
Marsha Bennett and her husband Dave have been married for seven years. He had taken her virginity and she hasn’t cheated on him once. On a trip to Montreal they are invited by a nightclub owner and see an obscene show that arouses Marsha against her will. In their hotel room they make passionate love and Marsha gives up her normal restraint. When Dave’s brother Skip comes to see them with his girlfriend Diane Marsha feels erotically attracted to the younger brother at once. Diane seduces Dave and as Marsha happens to watch them she gets so aroused that she seduces Skip. She ends up in a sandwich with both brothers. – Highly erotic. (Good condition, handwritten price on cover, paper tanned.)
First sentence: Marsha Bennet removed her white shorty gloves and shoved them in the glove compartment.
Last Sentence:
"Remember one thing though," Dave said, rubbing her shapely ass, "no matter how much this new guy screws you, save the last fuck for me!"

Tit For Tat by Marvin Laurel
188 pages, A Redlight Book, 188 pages
Fun-loving Linda. She’d roll in the hay with almost anyone – just to be with someone. Her massive boobs and gorgeous figure sometimes leads her to the wrong people in the wrong end of town. She literally had to eat and chew her way past Bill in one escapade, leaving him a grim reminder and leading to a chilling climax. (Ok condition, margins slightly tanned.)
First sentence: The motel pool lay restless under the cool pre-dawn desert light.
Last Sentence: Linda had truly found her man.

Three Golden Girls by Anthony Fitch
1969, A Criterion Classic, 151 pages
Three Golden Girls. They were all as tempting as a babe can be, and each was determined to make it pay off with anyone...
Not a novel, but 3 longer stories. The first takes up approx. half the book: Mrs. Collister is on a cruise from the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean with her daughter Elaine, trying to find a husband for her and a lover for herself. Both women very soon find plenty of lovers among the crew of the ship, the captain included. Both women are always horny and enjoy the cruise enormously. (Good condition, paper tanned.)

Turned On by Leslie Hoyt
1977, Publishers Consultants, 158 pages
The cases of several oversexed women who consult a psychiatrist. Not case studies in the technical sense but the stories as told in the women’s words, sometimes pretty graphically. Most of them about cheating on their husbands. (Good condition, margins slightly tanned.)
First sentence: As is often the story in new marriages, partners discover things about themselves and about each other which they never knew.
Last Sentence:
I hope you don’t think I’m a nymphomaniac or anything like that?

Uncle Gaston and Niece Volume One by Jon Reskind
1969, Liverpool Rear Window Series, 207 pages
Gaston Larreau is the czar of the underworld of Montreal. But he is an ugly and brutal man. His secretary Ginny is also his lover. He is attracted to his nephew Antoine’s beautiful wife Madeleine. She is shocked when he tells her and tries to force her. When Madeleine recognizes that he can ruin her and her husband she submits to his obscene lovemaking. In the mean time Ginny tries to win over Antoine against his uncle by seducing him. They are caught in the act and Gaston makes two of his thugs brutally abuse Ginny. – Highly erotic. (Very good condition.)
First sentence: Gaston Larreau smiled to himself.
Last Sentence:
Continued in Volume II Next Month
Available for free here online at xNovel.

The Willing Welfare Lady by Jack Macel
1977, A Brighton Book, 192 pages
Ann Martin is a young social worker, pretty naive and inexperienced. So she can hardly resist, when her supervisor forces himself on her one day. When she visits the Lopez brothers Jesus and Jose the first time, they exploit her helplessness and abuse her obscenely in an extended session. They are joined by Mary, a friend of the brothers. The next day Jose visits Ann in her apartment and abuses her again. Against her will she is aroused tremendously and enjoys the experience. The same happens again when the two brothers visit her. Despite her humiliation Ann enjoys the debauchery. – Highly erotic. (Good condition, margins slightly tanned.)
First sentence: Ann Martin’s hands flew instinctively to her breasts as she gasped at the unexpected sight before her.
Last Sentence:
Her pussy throbbed with sexual fulfillment – she closed her eyes and rested, knowing that from now on it would go on forever.

Your Virginity – And How to Lose It! by T. G. Winston, Ph.D.
1970, Beeline (Orpheus Original), 156 pages
"The whole shocking truth about the trauma of virginity–and losing it."
How was your first sexual experience? Is it a pleasant memory or a haunting nightmare? No matter which, you can't afford not to read these true-life stories of men and women who lost their virginity through rape, or incest, or under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or with a partner of another race, or with a partner of the same sex. VIRGINS NO MORE! (OK condition, margins tanned.)
First sentence: PATIENT: Ann R., twenty-six, housewife.
Last Sentence:
REMARKS: I am trying to help Gary alleviate the psychological urges that caused him to use heroin, as well as the physical craving. He will remain in therapy indefinitely.


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Great blog, man! As a fellow collector of American sleaze PBs (since the mid 80s), I was very pleased to stumble across your blog. While I currently own some of the books you have pictured, others (like the Beeline/Orpheus Classics) are not in my collecting realm. (Not enough space to house EVERYTHING.) You might be interested to know that Brighton books were generally reprints of earlier Brandon House titles. (Retitled, I would guess.) The Mask and Torch Readers are most likely piracies published by Pioneer. Good luck in your pursuit of the great sleaze titles!

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