Friday, November 2, 2007

True Crime: Bound to Die

Anna Flowers, Pinnacle, 1995
Another misogynist asshole gets his rocks off by savagely raping and killing women. In Bobby Joe Long's case, the authorities ended up pinning ten brutal murders on him, and he claims to have probably raped another 100 women. The book is low on psychological reasoning—as to be expected of a supermarket cheapie—and ends with the mandatory chapter assailing the justice system and demanding its reform so that those convicted with death penalties gets their just desserts rather than have the chance to spend 20 years on repeals. Long is one of those cases which makes it hard not to support the death penalty, that is for sure. A normal citizen, if not a bit of a loser, Bobby Joe seemed to be a regular Joe Schmoe up until his motorcycle accident. Thereafter, his sex drive apparently got a dose of steroids, for he seemingly developed a sex addiction, polishing his knob 4 times a day and in constant need of sex. A couple of failed relationships later, all that combined with the bad role models of his youth converted Bobby Joe into a sex-starved women-hater who took what he wanted and then killed what was left.
For all the praise given in Bound to Die to the teamwork between the FBI and local police forces, it is more likely a lot more women would have had Bobby's dick up their butt and throats slit had he not made the mistake of kidnapping 17-year-old Lisa McVey and then letting her go after 26 hours of hostage sex. The details that she gave were the ones that finally led the police to his door and put him in jail. Bound to Die also includes numerous photographs, both the normal passport-style pictures of his victims and a couple of truly gross scene of the crime pictures that white trash like you and me so like to go "ik" over.
: Bobby Joe is still on Florida’s death row, primarily due to his intelligent and slick utilization of the appeals process.

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