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Sleaze: New Additions to My Collection (Winter 2008-Spring 2009)

Sex Nuts... The Pervert Report
by Noah McGraw, Ph.D.
1969 (1st edition)
Impact Library
160 pages

Front cover text: Amazing case histories of wild sex nuts seeking erotic kicks in oral, incest, voyeur and swap depravity.
Back cover text:
Sex Nuts... The Pervert Report. Wild and degenerate sex wrapped in lust and obsession that can only be untied and sated by rare forms of erotic debasement. Smashing case histories of variations in aberrations. Clinical—authoritative, crushing.
First sentence (Preface by "Noah McGraw, Ph.D."): Since sex dwells so predominantly in the realm of the mental processes, it ought not to be either surprising or revolting that approaches, views, manifestations, like and dislikes linked to the sex drive are as manifold as the differences between individual minds and bodies.
Last Sentence:
Well, that was why we’d come to France in the first place, wasn’t it?

Turquish Delights
by Earl Rosen
1970 (1st American edition)
Photo Illustrated
UG Books
149 pages

Design & cover by Charles Barrow

Synopsis: Not a novel, but 3 longer stories, all of which mostly concerned with lesbian affairs. There’s only one man involved in the title story, who disguises as a woman and works as a masseuse.

Reluctant Pussy
by George Franklin

Torch Reader
181 pages

Introduction by Zackery Phillips, MA

Synopsis: Colleen and Brenda are about 20 and have been friends for years. They are hot young women and carefree, they live a life of drinking, drugs and sex. They are bi and quite promiscuous. One day Colleen happens to meet the local reverend and they end up in bed.
First sentence: Colleen White finished doing the dishes and, exhausted, took a shower and got into her baby-dolls.
Last sentence:
She thought for a minute, then, reaching for his prick, she said softly, “Fuck me!”

All the Wife’s Men
by Casey Ward
Midnight Reader/Greenleaf Classics
205 pages

Synopsis: (Back cover) Behind Jacques Valcartier's meteoric rise in politics there was a woman who was more a wanton than a wife! Martha Valcartier was willing to do anything to get votes for her husband - even if it meant running his campaigns from a four-poster bed, offering her desirous body to the men who would insure his election. And when the votes were in, Jacques' popularity was as smashing as his wife's success in bed! All the wife’s men – the shocking story of a wife corrupted by the shame she wrought!
First sentences: Marha Valcartier stood, apparently looking through the kitchen window, as she dried and dried again the breakfast dish in her hands. In actual fact she was seeing in her mind’s eye the masturbating scene she’d secretly witnessed the day before.
Last sentence:
It was the beginning of a long morning she was sure, and years of sexual completion ahead, as his hands pressed her passionately closer to his body.

Doctor Onan
by Jon Horn
The Olympia Press
192 pages

Front cover text: If Doctor Onan’s couch could only talk... Wow!
Back cover text: If Doctor Onan’s couch could only talk... Wow! Well it does, and here it is, real, incredible, and hilarious. A lusty book guaranteed to blow your libido.
First sentence: My consultation schedule is full up, and my Park Avenue penthouse office suit is always busy with the comings and goings of the great and the near-great, who seek me out for my special brand of “anything goes” sex therapy.
Last sentence:
And I Remained at the retreat near Kathmandu for many moons, He-Who-Dropped-From-The-Sky, reflecting on my follies and learning to praise all the things of life in the ancient tongue, as I cleaned and washed and polished the chamber pots of the Holy Ones...

Season of the Witch
by Hank Stine
Essex House
224 pages
(Postscript by Harlan Ellison)

Back cover: She was the first woman he had ever been. Andre Fuller had been convicted of the brutal rape-murder of a young woman and was awaiting the sentence of death. But this was tomorrow and concepts had changed. A human life was too valuable to throw away in a futile gesture of revenge. Rather Andre learned that he must replace the life that he had taken. He had become the woman he had killed in a bizarre and totally terrifying new approach to capital punishment. Daringly provocative, and boldly unique, Season of the Witch is a brilliant speculative novel of sexual transformation depicting, with force and compassion, the emotional struggle of a man's psyche buried in the body of a woman, and the gradual, agonized emergence of a female psyche to dominate and replace its nemesis.
According to Wikipedia: "Jean Marie Stine (born 1945) is an American science fiction editor, writer, anthologists, and publisher. Stine was born Henry Eugene Stine, becoming Jean Marie as the result of a sex change."
Season of the Witch was filmed in 1995 as Synapse – aka Memory Run – (trailer) by Allan A. Goldstein (the same man behind Death Wish V: Faces of Death (1994) and The Snake King (2005). The Great Canadian Guide to the Movies (and TV) says the following about the film: "In an oppressive future, the mind of a petty thief (Makepeace) is transferred into his dead girlfriend's body (Duffy) as part of an experiment, but she/he escapes and joins up with some rebels. Confusing, cheap-looking science fiction thriller has poor writing and direction. Too bad, because the story elements could have worked and it had a better cast than most cheapo sci-fiers, particularly Morse and Bennett and Higginson (the latter two in small parts). Good costume designs. - extreme violence, sexual content, brief female nudity.- 89 min."

The Sex Tasters
by Geoffrey Kyle
Brighton Books
188 pages

Back cover: Lilli and Pete shared more than a marriage bed - each had a wild, uncontrollable need for lusty new partners: men and women able to satisfy their insatiable craving for oral sex!

The Photographer’s Model
by Donna Paradise
Dover Press/Publisher’s Consultants
188 pages

Synopsis: Ralph and Marilyn are in the erotic photography business. They live in a suburb, near a young couple, Ellen and Teddy. The two are newlyweds and pretty innocent and naive. One day Ellen watches a shooting at Ralph’s studio and gets excited. She’s no longer satisfied with Teddy’s clumsy love-making and starts an affair with a co-worker of his. At the same time she feels attracted to Marilyn.
First sentence: Marilyn rinsed the dishes quickly while she gazed out the window of her tiny kitchen at the spectacular southern Californian sunset.
Last sentence(s):
Somewhere in the distance, a coyote howled. Another rabbit had died, after falling hopelessly under the spell of his hypnotic stare. Life went on.

The Coach’s Craving
by Michael Murray
Brighton Books
190 pages

Synopsis: Peg and Marti, two teenage girls, are in the high-school gym at a time they shouldn’t be there. They are surprised by the coach of the gym team. Instead of punishing them he takes advantage of the situation and starts playing erotic games with them. Marti wants more and meets the coach again the next day. She is ready for some real sex.

The Lovers’ Crusade
by Mary Sativa
The Olympia Press
189 pages

Front cover: A legend of knights and damsels, and the roaring fires of passion.
Back cover: Mary Sativa is the author of Olympia’s bestselling novel, Acid Temple Ball, an autobiographical account of her voyage among today’s sex and drug cults—one of the very few truly authentic novels of its type. Her researches into the past have led to this wonderful evocation of a medieval world which appears strangely similar to the one being created in our own time by the New Primitive of America—the Hippies. Blind faith and pure love, ceaseless errantry, magic dreams and proud poverty are the lot of her heroes. But they belong to a time when men were giants and women princesses, and when life unrolled its course in a fiery torrent of lust and brimstone.
First sentence:
The armies moved slowly out of the great city Byzantium.

Last sentence:
He smiled down gently at the crowd as he strummed the lute strings—each note a cry against the night.
(According to Earl Kemp, Mary Sativa is pseudonym for Sharon Rudahl. (That “Mary Sativa” is a pseudonym is obvious, seeing how obvious a play it is on two names for pot.) Rudahl was amongst the few female comic artists that took part in the initial underground comix of the early 1970s. Her most recent publication is a graphics biography of Emma Goldman.

Epitaph for Brutality
by Allen Millstone
Euro Classic/Star Distributors
190 Pages

Back cover: The sexual pain and agony was beyond anything she could have experienced ever before. He enjoyed giving pain, his appetite for sensual pleasure insatiable. Women fell at his knees as if he were king, and for them he was the king of pain and pleasure. He took fiendish delight in the perverted. Nothing was too bizarre for his tastes.

The Back Door Girl
by Sterling Harkins
Brandon Books
190 pages

Original title: Her Anal Lovers

Front cover: Every man who saw Maisie wanted her —and Maisie wanted men. But her unique and selfish desires led her into an unexpected trap...
Back cover:
Maisie began to feel sensual urges when she was fourteen. They grew stronger as she grew older. And finally her needs were desperate – but so were the fears that had been instilled in her by her puritanical mother. So, knowingly and of her own free will, she became a... back door girl.

Bruce Kimley Returns
by George Kuster
Magna Classic
158 pages.

Synopsis: Not a novel but 2 long erotic stories. - Former celebrity Bruce Kimley is 60 now and newly married to Eileen. They live in a mansion in the country, looked after by the Lake couple and their son Clive. Clive succeeds in seducing Eileen and so does his father Frank, who also seduces Eileen’s younger sister Wendy. - It’s not often that Stewart takes out his young wife Wendy. One evening he does and Wendy has too much to drink. When she wakes up she is in bed with a stranger. It’s Paddy Kent, who soon pimps her out, mostly to elderly gentlemen, but also to a virile Negro and an ugly old oriental.

The Lusting Couple
by Melanie Winston
Star Books
190 pages

Back cover: They needed each other more than society could allow. Jessie and Abe are two college students with a passion that knows no bounds. They were fighting an uphill fight trying always to live down their sordid reputations. There is no act of sex they would not do with each other. Their lust rules their lives and torments their souls.

Wife In Heat
by Andy Stillman
Brighton Books
191 pages

Synopsis: Connie Minor is a hot woman. She is married to Shelby, but he’s often away and not a good lover anyway. One day she is seduced by her neighbor Jerry and from that moment on she can’t control her sex drive any longer. She starts a hot affair with a virile teenager and then takes on a number of his friends in an outright orgy.
First sentence: Connie Minor was grinding her pelvis hard, bucking up into Shelby’s hairy belly.
Last sentence: Then she reached for the telephone and dialed Daggio’s Repair Service.

Sin Girl
by Lynn Martin
Bee-Line Books
155 pages

Front cover: Fay Orchid was the hottest stripper Chicago had ever seen, and now she was her—naked in my arms!
Back cover:
She spoke his language... the language of sex! “Come here, lover,” she murmured softly in his ear. “I’ve got something for you—something you’ve wanted for a long, long time.”

Mistress of the Plantation
by Melanie Edwards
Star Original/Free Press Library
190 pages

Front cover: She was their mistress and she made the studs perform as no one else could.
Back cover:
He took her like the animal she was.

The Harley plantation was one of the best-run in that part of the South. The tobacco fields were bursting with fresh aromatic leaf, and the workers were bursting with another fruit, the fruit of their lust. The day-to-day happenings of the Harley plantation seemed on the surface to be smooth and uneventful. But underneath a veneer of propriety and caIm, the workers and owners alike engaged in wild bouts of sex.

First sentence:
”Oh, goodness, Clem, it’s so hard!” the girl exclaimed.

Last sentence:
Now she was going to get what she really wanted.

The Taming
by Count Ludwig Kronenburg
Century Books
188 pages

Front cover: The brutal story of an aristocratic young girl forced into an animal life of total slavery to another woman.
Back cover:
Marcia Morrison, my voluptuous, haughty, nineteen-year-old niece, lived in a world of cotillions and Paris finishing schools. My interest in her was far more than avuncular, but she held me, a mere commoner, in utter contempt. Furthermore, when she turned twenty-one, she would inherit the castle I'd been living in - and the money I'd been using to maintain my grand style of living. I knew I had to teach her a lesson soon, and I thought I had my answer. I knew a certain lady – Nancy - who was famous for "taming" snobbish young nymphets, and by the time this lady finished with Marcia, I felt, all my worries would be at an end. But I had not reckoned with Nancy's own ideas of enslavement! . . .

Bedroom Coach
by Lamarr McMann
Party Books/Traveler’s Companion
181 pages

Back cover: They called him Crazycock. He was great on the sportsfield, but his prowess at bedroom athletics was TERRIFIC! He called the sexual shots with woman after woman, training them to deliver the highest peak of ecstatic performance in everybody’s most beloved sport.

Lieutenant Pussy
by Curt Aldrich
Brighton Books
191 pages

Synopsis: Lieutenant Linda Brent has been assigned to a small isolated post. From the very first day on she is erotically exploited by both the commanding officer and the sergeant who does his dirty work. Linda tries to resist the degrading treatment of the two powerful men, but her own sexuality makes her submit. Before long she is in the sergeant’s evil clutches and forced to do his bidding with every horny GI on the base.

When Hubby’s Away
(no author credited)
Red Devil Books/Publisher’s Consultants
160 pages

Synopsis: Ten women tell of their erotic experiences, one after the other, each from the first-person point-of-view. The women are married, but once they’re without their husband for a time and get horny they seduce travelling salesmen, neighbors, teenage boys, whoever crosses their path at the right moment.

The Passionate Waitress
by Marna James
Bentley Library/Publisher’s Consultants
191 pages

Synopsis: Mimi Goodman works at a Sunset Strip nightspot as a cocktail waitress. Her appearance and opportunities make her yield to temptation all too many times. At first she enjoys the attention and seeks to placate her powerful young sex drives, but the longer the activities continue the more she begins to realize how empty her life actually is. She gets an education the hard way.

Battalion Broads
by Olivia Rangely
September 1965 (1st printing)
Playtime Books
160 pages

Front cover text: Army wives gone wild, getting their sex while the men were away.
Back cover text:
The Colonel was no match for the “hot pants brigade” and their frenzy of lust.

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