Monday, December 29, 2008

Sleaze: New Additions to My Collection (Fall 2008)

Only the Best by C. Lyon
(1st American edition), UG book, 152 pages
Design & Cover by Charles Barrows. Photo Illustrated.
Not a novel but 2 longer erotic stories: The first is about a man and a woman, not married. The woman does everything to make the man stay with her. She even allows him to whip her regularly. The second story is a psychiatrist’s report about a woman who cannot live without sex. She has affairs with men and women. (Good condition, margins slightly tanned.)

Story one
First sentence: I guess I should have been able to analyze al the reactions – chemical and emotional – and come up with the correct formula way back.
Last Sentence: I started to look round for the quickest way out... but I’d be back!
Story two
First sentence:
"The file on your – your next patient, Doctor Clayton." The pretty brunette nurse put the thick file on the desk with an air of worried disapproval.
Last Sentence: "Good morning, Mrs. Clayton!" she murmured, doing her best to make her voice sound professionally impersonal.

Call It Gangbang by Parnell Farmer
1970, Bee-line, 148 pages
Front cover text: Five luscious chicks started out as victims of a weird sex club. But they loved what happened to them – and soon came back for more and more ... and more!
Back cover: Jennifer didn't really want to be raped – but when she was dragged into the bushes, she thought she might as well make the best of it. After all a girl doesn’t get a chance to make love every day! But her attackers were members of a secret club with weird ideas of sexual games – and they actually left their victims wanting more! So Jennifer got together with some of the club's other victims, and they formed a wild club of their own that blew the lid off everybody's inhibitions! (Good condition, paper very slightly tanned.)

First sentence: The indignity of the assault was almost as bad as the attack itself.
Last Sentence: The she cried softly until she reached the bus depot...

Syndicate Sex by Mitchell Criterion
October 1970, Midwood Books (Cameo Editions), 198 pages
Cover Blurb: "Syndicate Sex has become a nationwide best-seller. Its boldness, intrigue, and sensuality are unequalled. [...] another sizzling exposé of the underworld from writer/reporter Mitchell Criterion." Kellerman, Chicago Exchange

Backside: Two scandal-sheet editors had tried to shake him down. They both would up with their heads blown off. Sue Barrett knew no one could shake him. She worked for him. And loved him. Giving herself was only a favor – but a necessary one. One that wasn’t going to end there.... Wherever easy money flowed, the Syndicate took top cut. Wherever easy women moved, the Syndicate had first choice. (Good condition.)

First sentence: The Greek’s was strictly a man’s bar, but swanky in a way that men’s bars rarely are, with red brick façade and a high-peaked roof, the design modern enough to pass for a suburban church.
Last Sentence: Sue sucked him slowly and gently, concentrating on all the ways a woman could be good for the man she loved.

Black Man's Harem by Francis Haverhill
1969, A Century Book, 218 pages
Cover Blurb: "A European novel, in the classic tradition, of two black studs and their stable of rich, love-starved white women!
Joanna is spending some days in Guyana and seduces a native waiter. She wants him to come to England and he does together with his brother Ebony. Joanna’s friend Maria is already waiting for the young black man. After some time with Joanna and Maria the two black brothers meet another man from Guyana, who provides young and virile black men to a circle of rich white women in London. Soon the two brothers earn their living from making it with these horny ladies. (Good condition, margins tanned.)

First sentence: Randolf Malone felt nervous and excited.
Last Sentence:
The electric alarm clock was ringing furiously, and in her arms she was clutching a pillow...

The Young College Professor by Marty McCade
1972, A Star Book, 190 pages
Cover blurb: "The Professor took his lessons very seriously. until (sic) one of HIS STUDENTS decided to SEDUCE HIM. He now became the STUDENT and she the TEACHER."
David Walters, a young, naive college instructor, is sexually awakened by a series of encounters with his female students and colleagues. Hungry for new experiences he begins to frequent a bar where he meets Valerie James, a voluptuous young woman with an insatiable hunger for men’s bodies. David is slowly corrupted by Valerie and her friends who introduce him to a variety of strange lusts and perversions. Seeing the crisis in his life, Beverly Tanner, a friend from high school days, begins to fight for him, using any weapons available to her, including her body. (Good condition, margins a little tanned.)

First sentence: She didn't have any pants on!
Last Sentence:
It was too late for anything now, except my lust.

First Experiences by Peter Kanto
1969, A Beeline Book, 217 pages
Ray Paul is a teenager eager to learn about sex. From his tree house he watches his brother and his wife Ruby making love and gets turned on. He is seduced by the middle-aged waitress of the local pub and later by Ruby, his sister-in-law. Ray Paul practices his new knowledge with a classmate, but his real love is Debby Sue. She is very reluctant, but he finally succeeds in seducing her and they make passionate love. (Good condition, margins tanned.)

First sentence: Friday afternoon late George came wheeling into the drive in his red convertible.
Last Sentence:
"Goddamn nothing, nothing, nothing," Ray Paul said. "Absolutely Goddamned nothing."

Man Called Sex by Peter Kanto
1966 (Second Printing), Brandon House, 186 pages
Cover blurb: He had an appeal to frustrated wives and passionate girls because he was A MAN CALLED SEX
Back cover: Regg Walker had a way with the girls who come aboard his boat: He’d take them to bed for the wildest round of passion they ever experienced! He thought he knew all about sex ... Then he met Evadne, and his carefree world became a nightmare of bizarre lust. (Good condition, margins slightly tanned.)

First sentence: "You stay in this business long enough, you learn how to spot 'em," Regg Walker thought.
Last Sentence:
Then Regg took her on a two week vacation-delayed-honeymoon to show her his island.

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