Friday, July 9, 2010

True Crime: Bad Girls Do It –An Encyclopedia of Female Murderers

Bad Girls Do It – An Encyclopedia of Female Murderers
(Michael Newton, 1993, Loompanics)
Another fun book about murderers, but as the title says, this one concentrates on the women of the world. Most have been covered elsewhere, but not all in one volume. Don’t be fooled, men, women are wily and wicked, ready to put poison in you soup as they are to spend your paycheck. Yes sir, this book is a good argument for going gay. (Jes’ kidding, folks.)
Written in a clear, concise and readable style occasionally flavored by a tad of dry humor, the book is good both for perusing and quick reference. Newton even does the rare thing of revisionism, taking a stance different to the most common narrations, as is most obvious in his telling of the story of the infamous and legendary Erzebet (Elizabeth) Bathory and his view on the crimes of Charlene Adelle Gallego (neé Williams), who was released on parole four years after the publication of this book. Strange that he didn’t also take the story of Ma Baker to task as well, but he leaves her out of the book completely. There are enough unbelievable stories in the book for ten months of television movies; it seems strange that more of them haven’t found their way onto the TV screen. The story of Vera Renczi screams to be filmed, as does that of Stella Williamson, among others.
An easy, entertaining and fun read, and relatively cheap and easy to get on eBay, now that the legendary and infamous Loompanics publishing house has gone out of business.

Images (top to bottom, all found on the web):
The book, obviously enough.
Vera Renczi, supposedly. My bet is that it is less a photo of the real woman than a new, posed shot for some Romanian print advertisement.
Bottom: The legendary Countess Bathory in her prime.

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