Friday, July 9, 2010

True Crime: The Unmasking — Married to a Rapist

The Unmasking — Married to a Rapist
(Kevin Flynn, The Free Press, 1993)

Rape and betrayal amongst the born again and religious right of lower-class Midwest USA. Ronda meets up with bad-boy Eddie Wyatt, a chronic juvenile delinquent gone good after discovering god, thanks to The Cross and The Switchblade (do people still read that book?). He pops her cherry and they get married, a union that brings two children and great sadness for Ronda, for slowly but surely the sex disappears from their marriage—by the time Eddie gets busted for rape, they hadn’t rolled in the hay for over a year, despite her attempts to get him hot and bothered.
Not just a rapist, Wyatt was a serial rapist, and though sent up for only one count—the one he blindfolded and brought home and raped repeatedly in his own living room—he surely committed many, many more. That aside, Eddie is one sick puppy, his rapes an obvious need for control and power, something he never seemed to have in his life. Nine years after being sent up, he gets out intent on really working for the lord and becoming a minister, only to get caught with homemade videos showing him masturbating over the sleeping bodies of innocent people whose houses he has broken into. Amongst others, one sleeping lass is only ten years old. No hope for this sick puppy—he needs fixing in more ways than one.
As for Ronda, all’s well that ends well: new love to a fine upright religious man, more children, a higher social class, a worse hairstyle and (one assumes) a better sex life.
The way of god is mysterious indeed.
Image: Stolen from the web, it's the paperback edition. My thrift-store find is the hardcover edition, but it's boring brown with no visuals.

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