Friday, July 9, 2010

True Crime: For A Mother’s Love

For A Mother’s Love
(Lee Butcher, Pinnacle, 1992)
Yet another true, sordid and almost unbelievable blood-soaked murder involving more sun-fried, brainless Floridians. For A Mother’s Love narrates in a dull and repetitious fashion the perverse story of an insatiable pill-popping, sex-addicted and silicon-pumped Mom found guilty of having her son shoot her weak-willed, nice-guy dentist husband. Lee Butcher wins no awards for his prose, but the story itself is so unbelievably extreme, the people involved so stupid, the actions so incompetent that out of sheer disbelief one has to keep reading.
When Virginia Larzelere (poor white trash with a history of compulsive lying, pill and sexual addiction, son-fucking and embezzlement) can’t find anyone to kill her fourth husband for her, she finally gets her 18-year-old, closeted homosexual son and occasional bed partner to shoot him dead. Most likely the execution of the murder was assisted by the two young idiots that later turned to star witnesses for the state against her and her son Jason, but since they were never charged, one must assume they were innocents merely drawn into the grimy, convoluted and dangerous whirlpool through fear and intimidation (and not greed).
Had Virginia taken fewer pills and not been a compulsive liar who consistently changed every story she ever told, she might have gotten away with it, for up until Steven Heidle and Kristen Palmieri turned state's evidence, nothing could actually be proven. In the end, Virginia was found guilty, but Jason was not. Though not revealed in the book, he even walked off into the sunset with a $75,000 settlement on the contingency that he give up any further right of claim to his adopted father’s insurance money. Jason went on to follow the advice of the Village People and entered the Navy, while his mother went to death row but never stopped fighting to prove her innocence.
Some people out there think Virginia is innocent and got railroaded, and indeed her trial seems to have an avalanche of mistakes, fuck-ups and contradictions. To get that side of the story, go here.

As it is, Virginia’s death sentence was overturned in February, 2008, though conviction was sustained. According to the Jacksonville News of February 28th, 2008: “The high court unanimously agreed with the trial judge that Virginia Larzelere's lawyers botched the sentencing phase of her trial by failing to introduce mitigating evidence about her mental health, sexual abuse as a child and physical abuse in a previous marriage” and that “[...] her trial lawyers, John Howes and Jack Wilkins, had been ineffective during the penalty phase”. Now that she is no longer on Death Row, Virginia will (as of 2010) be eligible for parole in 23 years.

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Top: The book cover. (Duh.)
Next: The world's best mom herself,
Virginia Larzelere.


Anonymous said...

Ive lived with virginia for the last three years. She is the eppitimy of evil. She manipulates men on various websites for money,she steals, she lies, she shows absolutly no remorse. For the foolish that believe her sick lies-hopefully one day youll open your eyes and see the real truth about her.Now Im where she will only dream of being- with my family,my loving husband&kids.

CliveBarnes said...

There is no doubt in my mind that what you are saying is absolutely 100% correct. I have to deal with her sister, who uses the same body language, and all that I saw on "Snapped." Her movements are almost identical. The description this person as "poor white trash..." is most apt, as her sister only really gets along with that kind of person as well.

Why they left her off death row, is a mystery, except that there have only been two women executed in FL, and it might save them about $28,000 a year. Thank goodness she is not up for parole for the next 10 years, but she is back in "in custody," and not in "Close" confinement. This means she is now even more dangerous! She will now learn how to shank harder, murder more with the upmost skill, and such.

Do these men have carnal relations visits with her?
She and her family (of what I've seen of it are no better than the "white trash..." and at work she cannot get along with anyone except her assistant, who has the same background. The whole thing is really scary!

CliveBarnes said...

Dear Anonymous

There is no doubt in my mind that you are absolutely correct! Now that she is in "custody," and no longer "close," she can now learn how to steal better, lie better, kill better, and so on....

I know her sister, who is not allowed to use her married name Atkinson after her divorce, and now operates under a name that she grabbed from some great grandparent or something, only associates with her "trailer trash" assistant. She is evil to the core as well. When I saw Virginia on "Snapped," I mind as well have been looking at her sister. They are "dead ringers."

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